Art Exhibition in the “Tablelander”

FNQ Computers Art Exhibition

The recent art exhibition we held for Steve and Marijke Hancock has been featured in an article and front page photo in the local paper “Tablelander” (July 29th) including an in depth article (on page 4) regarding the art of Steve and Marijke and the exhibition opening held here on the 18th of July.

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Art Exhibition

Art Exhibition

FNQ Computers held it’s second art exhibition at our premises on the evening of Friday the 18th of July for local artists Steve and Marijke Hancock. It was a well attended event which evoked much praise for the art on display. The display will remain until Mid August and all are invited to drop by and view it. The artwork is for sale and a price catalogue is available.

Some comments from those attending the exhibition:

“Wow! You have the colours just right. What a gift you both have!!”
“Incredible eye catching!”
“Beautiful! I got lost in your use of colours.”

Art Exhibition

Art Exhibition


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A day on Da green @ Irvinebank

A Day on the Green @ Irvinebank

FNQ Computers are excited to be sponsors of a day on Da green @ Irvinebank music festival to be held on the 30th August 2014. Free camping is provided and festival boasts a great line up of performers including Cinnamon Sin, Leanne Tennant, Carinda Christie and The Taste to name a few. Irvinebank is located on the Western edge of the tablelands and is about 45mins drive from Atherton. With camping available along the creek opposite the pub. Irvinebank a town steeped in history provides a vibrant venue for musical festivals. Tickets are available at the gate for $20 and more information can be found on their facebook page

 A day on Da green @ Irvinebank

a day on Da green @ Irvinebank


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Art Exhibition – Steve and Marijke Hancock

Art Exhibition - Steve and Marijke Hancock

‘Heat’ by Steve Hancock

Art Exhibition – Steve and Marijke Hancock

FNQ Computers are proud to announce our next Art Exhibition for tableland artists Steve and Marijke Hancock who are continuing their exploration of style and technique, in this, their 15th exhibition.

In his current body of work, which he terms kinetic expressionism, Steve is striving to create the illusion of motion, while at the same time, exploring subtler levels of sensory stimulation.

Marijke’s paintings entice us into her magical world, where the forms of nature assume a surreal splendour.

Marijke’s meticulously-executed gems are keenly sought-after for intimate spaces. The expansive abstracts of Steve, on the other hand, are more desired for offices and larger spaces.

Opening: 6.00pm Friday 18 July Displayed till Mid August


art exhibition atherton






‘Mangroves’ by Marijke Hancock – SOLD

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Microsoft Support Scam

A well known scam for sometime has been where a phone caller professing to be a representative of Microsoft support team advises you that you have problems with your computer and that for a fee they can remotely connect to your computer and fix the issues. This in the past has been used as a mechanism to infiltrate that computer with an array of Malware and other malicious software that does anything but fix your computer.
Recently we have had a spate of computers in our store which have been victim to this scam but with a new devious twist. Once the supposed Microsoft representative gets access to the computer he enables a startup password which effectively locks you out of your computer and deletes all restore points. The caller then attempts to solicit more money from you so you can access your computer again.
As with previous versions of this scam it is worth reminding everyone that Microsoft do not monitor your computer in this way and will not contact you in this or probably any regard. This latest scam can possibly mean you have no option other than to reinstall windows on your computer but in most cases can be recovered from registry backups that windows takes periodically.


This is the password box you will see on your computer if effected by this scam. At this point I would advise people to shutdown the computer ASAP and seek professional advice.

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Atherton Free Wifi

FNQ Computers currently provides free Wi-Fi in Atherton CBD allowing locals and visitors to stay connected while in town. We hope to add to the coverage area in the near future but for the moment the best coverage area is represented in below picture (the intersection of Vernon and Main Sts). Our system is also utilised in the Barron Valley hotel and they also provide free access for visitors. Connect with us to find out more how providing Wi-Fi for your customers can help your business. Click here to contact us.

Atherton Free Wifi Coverage Map

Atherton Free Wifi


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Heinz Steinmann Art Exhibition

Heinz Steinmann artFNQ Computers will be running an art exhibition in our showroom from Monday June 2nd  till Friday July 11th 2014 for world renowned artist Heinz Steinmann.  Heinz’s Artwork has been exhibited at many galleries here and abroad  featured in numerous TV shows and documentary and inspired music of Don Burrows.  Feel free to visit us during business hours over this period to browse the artwork on display. For more information about Heinz and his art visit

We also have a collection of Heinz’s work for sale on our online store

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