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As much as the NBN is a welcome relief for many in the area and will assist regional development unfortunately I fear it could fall short in providing North QLD with effective future proofed telecommunications services. NBN promised us a level playing field but I fail to understand how they

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Investing in Bitcoin

Current economic market turmoil has increased interest in Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. Many well informed investors are warning of economic catastrophe for this year. If they are right then a good case can be made for the  increase in demand for alternate currency as witnessed in the Cyprus banking crisis. Along with

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Atherton Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi is now available in Atherton CBD thanks to an initiative of the Atherton Chamber of Commerce, FNQ Computers and other participating local businesses. Any local businesses interested in knowing how they can contribute and benefit from this initiative are invited to contact the ATCC or FNQ Computers.

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Atherton Free Wifi

FNQ Computers currently provides free Wi-Fi in Atherton CBD allowing locals and visitors to stay connected while in town. We hope to add to the coverage area in the near future but for the moment the best coverage area is represented in below picture (the intersection of Vernon and Main

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