As much as the NBN is a welcome relief for many in the area and will assist regional development unfortunately I fear it could fall short in providing North QLD with effective future proofed telecommunications services.

NBN promised us a level playing field but I fail to understand how they can make this claim when they only provide services to your local Point of Intersect (POI) which for us is Cairns. This means that the ISP has to get the data from the POI to the Point of Presence (POP) the closest being Brisbane.

There is very limited capacity of fibre between Cairns and Brisbane with little competition and high prices for those services. Therefore it is natural to conclude that ISP’s will have to sell the same bandwidth many more times over than they would in an area with access to more capacity and competition. This could adversely affect the quality of the service over time as has been experienced by users of the NBN interim satellite.

Our local levels of bureaucracy appear asleep at the wheel and are happily ignorant of all things involving technology preferring to sing its praises than assess its worth. As we become increasingly dependent on technology I believe it is important that they take time in understanding and addressing related issues.

If NBN are serious about creating a level playing field then they should be carrying our data all the way to Brisbane and shame on our local bureaucrats for not holding the Government to account over this.

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